Agile Stacks was founded by two visionary entrepreneurs solving the complicated maze of cloud automation services.

John Mathon

CEO and Co-founder

Having finished at MIT at an early age, John came to Silicon Valley with the goal of starting a company. In 1997, he founded TIBCO with another alumnus.

Not resting since those early days, John has held CEO, CTO, COB, VP Engineering, Board member, and advisor roles to numerous companies. Now, at Agile Stacks he takes the helm with an ardent watch to make every automation service to customers the best experience possible.


Igor Mameshin

CTO and Co-founder

Igor guides the product, solutions, and the overall technology strategy of Agile Stacks - bringing engineering leadership experience from Sun Microsystems, Oracle, and Accenture. Prior to Agile Stacks he led the Accenture Cloud Innovation Center. His eye for catching technology trends make him our evangelist for the latest in software advancements.


Sean O'Shaughnessey

Chief Revenue Officer

As if leading our high performing sales team was not enough, Sean is also a book author and prolific blogger on the topic of sales. His passion is finding and helping companies monetize their use of technology more efficiently. He lives in Cincinnati, Ohio which he proudly states is the best possible place to live to get to any customer as quickly as they need him.


Antons Kranga

VP of Engineering

Anton leads our development and operations teams. He is the perfect example of living what you create. The foundations of our platform revolve from decades of software engineering, cloud automation, architecture and DevOps.

Most recently, Anton was the lead Cloud Architect at Accenture's Cloud Innovation Center. His extensive experience designing and delivering complex end-to-end architectures for enterprise clients establishes our culture to building open and flexible systems to deliver business and IT value.


John Morada

VP of Marketing

John oversees all of the company’s marketing strategy and initiatives. In this role, he manages digital marketing, creative development and agency management, marketing effectiveness, corporate affairs, sponsorships, media and employee communications.

He takes pride in ensuring the Agile Stacks brand represents our customer-focused values.