SuperHub® Automation Hub

Trust the complete automation hub delivering composable stacks with speed, security, and reliability. Out-of-the-box curation and composition of your software services has never been easier.

At the heart of the Agile Stacks platform is the SuperHub® Automation Hub, which accelerates the delivery of composable software stacks for application development and machine learning. The patented engine performs the enterprise-grade workload of curating, orchestrating, and composing the software pieces selected by you in our SuperHub® Control Plane.

Dev and Ops teams gain the most value from a consistent build process. Reducing the thousands of keystrokes, clicks and hours typical of a standard build cycle also means a reduction in wait time and configuration errors. We find customer teams experience a performance boost in managing their software infrastructure.



The company’s approach is in step with enterprise desire to enable flexibility and self-service for developers, but manage processes, templates and stacks in a sanctioned manner.

451 Research - Jay Lyman - Principal Analyst, Market Insight Impact Report, June 26, 2019

Secure Stack Deployments

Built into the core of our engine is the enforcement of enterprise-grade security: single sign-on, SSL, encryption at rest, secret storage of passwords, RBAC, etc. As a result, deploying software infrastructure powered by our SuperHub® automation reduces risk to all parts of your company. The business-side can trust their applications run in secured Kubernetes clusters, and your CISO sleeps well knowing there is an immutable audit of all configurations.

Reliable Tooling

Working with the best open source and cloud provisioning tools, customers can leverage their in-house skills. Your stacks are deployed using an opinionated choice of Hashicorp Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, just to name a few. Scripts are created dynamically then stored as code in a Git repository, avoiding the need to manually create Terraform and CloudFormation templates. Dev and Ops teams have a consistent place to go for an immutable record of a server setup whenever they need it.