SuperHub® Control Plane

Deploy standardized, secure environments at scale with automated templates through a modern UI. Import and manage thousands of Kubernetes clusters across your hybrid cloud.

Agile Stacks brings business and IT teams together to deliver digital transformation to their customers faster than ever before.

For Development Teams

IT development teams can now get code out faster. Our control plane provides teams with an easy to navigate Service Catalog, template builder, and click-to-deploy UI. Paired with our backend SuperHub®, we automate the composition of your software choices, thus enhancing team productivity through consistency and scale.

Resulting from your efforts is the creation of infrastructure-as-code manifests stored in a Git repository. Access to the source code is open to you, your Dev teams, your Ops teams and your security teams. No need to ever search for .yaml files ever again because our control plane always points to the immutable record of every build.

For Operations Teams

Agile Stacks enables IT operations to govern multi-cloud strategies through a management console overlaying their numerous cloud accounts and distributed Kubernetes clusters. Whether native Kubernetes in a local data center, AWS EKS, Google GKE, or Azure AKS, your multi-cloud architecture becomes any end-point for development teams to send their application.

Hashicorp Terraform, AWS CloudFormation, and Heptio Ksonnet are just a few examples of powerful tooling available to Ops teams who want to standardize on infrastructure-as-code. But we do all the hard work of composing the automation for you, so your teams don't have to. And we place every configuration in a Git repository giving your teams a step ahead in their velocity metrics.

For Business Teams

For business executives, this means building and releasing your customer-facing applications quicker and with more reliability. Your competition will need to keep up because your customers will love you more.