Kubernetes Stack

Start or scale your Kubernetes stack with our infrastructure-as-code templates. Whether you have a local cluster or remote nodes, consistency in every deployment is just a click away through our management console.

Agile Stacks Kubernetes Stack provides automation to deploy Kubernetes in your multi-cloud architecture. Whether you are looking to deploy EKS or self-hosted Kubernetes, a control plane enables your Kubernetes cluster provisioning in minutes. There is no need to worry about the ongoing monitoring, troubleshooting, and upgrades since we handle that for you.

Henceforth, manually setting up servers, VPCs, security roles, SSL certificates, DNS, CI/CD pipelines, and container registries is a thing of the past. Our SuperHub® curates and composes all the parts to deliver a fully operational Kubernetes cluster in minutes, not days. No need to fight your software to get your job done.

We implement the following best practices to get you what you need quickly:

  • Architect for scale and resilience
  • Write your necessary infrastructure as code
  • Implement observability and alerting for all services
  • Remove single points of failure
  • Automate the entire CI/CD pipeline
  • Design for cost optimization
  • Build security into your design
  • Apply tags, labels, namespaces for access control and usage analytics

Agile Stacks also offers a catalog of add-on services and tools for your Kubernetes clusters. In addition to automated monitoring, storage, networking, Agile Stacks integrates and automates security throughout the entire provisioned stack. Each application service and every tool in the DevOps toolchain is secured automatically with a unique SSL certificate, SSO, and RBAC.





HPE Discover 2019

Agile Stacks CEO, John Mathon, talks on a panel at HPE Discover 2019 about the evolution of the Kubernetes ecosystem for hybrid cloud. This was a recorded panel session from HPE Pathfinder insights.



Pre-Integrated Kubernetes Stack Template

With Agile Stacks, you can deploy one of our quick start templates with pre-integrated software, or you can create a template matching your reference architecture. Software choices are available through a simple to navigate catalog. The table below lists the software choices by service category of tooling already available in the Agile Stacks platform.

Service Category
Service Description
Available Implementations

Cluster Management

Choose which private or public cloud platform will manage your Kubernetes clusters.
Self-hosted Kubernetes, Amazon EKS, Google GKE, and Azure AKS

Cluster Provisioning

Let best-of-breed tooling define and provision your end-point infrastructure.
Terraform, CloudFormation, Helm, Kustomize

Storage Volume Management

Choose from storage software that fits your selected stack services, and provides stack level backup and restore operations.
Local FS, AWS EFS, AWS EBS, AWS S3, Minio, NFS, GCS, Ceph, Portworx

Container Image Governance

Choose from software and tools that register, secure and manage the distribution of container images.
Amazon ECR, Google GCR, Harbor Docker Registry, JFrog Artifactory*

Virtual Networking

Choose the virtual networking tool to handle policy-based routing in your cluster.
Flannel, Calico, Kube-router

Log Management

Make logging easier by choosing pre-integrated tools for ingest, analysis and reporting.
ElasticSearch, Fluentd, Kibana


Get the most visibility into your stack with the appropriate monitoring and performance metrics pulled from the right tooling choice.
Prometheus, Grafana, Sysdig

Load Balancing & Ingress

Choose from software and tools to expose cluster services and web applications to the Internet.
ELB, Traefik, Nginx, Ambassador, Istio, MetalLB


Find the right tooling for you to manage certificates, passwords and secrets tuned for RBAC across all clusters in hybrid cloud environment.
Okta, Hashicorp Vault, Clair, AWS ACM, Letsencrypt

Operating Systems

Select from supported operating systems.
CoreOS Container Linux, Ubuntu 16 LTS