KubeFlex On-Prem

Empower your organization to bring the cloud experience to your datacenters and edge deployments.

KubeFlex provides the same zero-touch, API-driven automation of the cloud straight to your datacenter or out to the edge. Replace your manual, on-site operations with a solution that fully automates remote deployments and upgrades.

Agile Stacks accelerates the delivery of on-premise Kubernetes to your teams within minutes from the moment you rack the hardware and flip the switch. Customers needing the scale and capacity can add compute resources to a new or an existing cluster very quickly. We combine the efficiency of PXE boot and our SuperHub® full-stack automation to simplify hardware and software deployments. 



For Operations Teams

Agile Stacks KubeFlex enables fully automated deployments of Kubernetes clusters on bare metal and virtualized infrastructure into data centers and edge locations. The bulk of the undifferentiated heavy lifting is in achieving full-stack automation for databases, machine learning, monitoring, data management, continuous delivery, security, and other core functions. The Agile Stacks DevOps automation platform enables organizations to standardize and automate IT infrastructure. By extending the Agile Stacks SuperHub® with KubeFlex, enterprises can develop easily their software products with built-in multi-cloud support that deploy, run, and integrate with applications on any infrastructure.

For Development Teams

By combining DevOps-first and GitOps techniques with Agile Stacks application development and deployment, enterprise development teams reduce their costs, increase release velocity, and improve their agility and efficiency. KubeFlex incorporates the Agile Stacks automation functionality into an end-to-end solution for on-premises deployments that does not require significant engineering work. Enterprises also release application containers with reduced overhead and wait time. Paired with our Service Catalog and Control Plane, the power of KubeFlex creates a complete solution for development teams to go from tooling to code release in minutes for any multi-cloud environment.

For Business Teams

Moving software applications closer to the sources and consumers of information offers significant benefits. Speed of access enables organizations to react quickly. KubeFlex lowers the complexity of Kubernetes for the business by delivering compute when you need and where you need it with just a few clicks. Adding KubeFlex to the deployment strategy for the next iteration of customer-facing apps can get you the faster delivery times you want.

KubeFlex provides end-to-end automation for deployment of Kubernetes: network connectivity, security, compute, and storage. Our customers are now able to deploy the same stack and applications to any Kubernetes, across cloud providers, private data centers, and at the edge.

- Igor Mameshin, Agile Stacks CTO