CI/CD Pipelines

Agile Stacks delivers the automation to connect everything you need for a DevOps toolchain. Applications written in node.js, goLang, Java, and Python get out the door faster.

For Development Teams

Imagine your software engineers working with a validated IDE and infrastructure. Our Application Template Builder is the first step for development teams to begin their DevOps automation journey. Through this wizard-like experience, teams create Jenkins pipelines, Spinnaker pipelines, Kubeflow Machine Learning pipelines through clicks not code.

At Agile Stacks, we deliver a consistent build environment to your Dev teams because we make sure the templates for every test, QA and Prod environment is reliably provisioned. We pair your software choices to our backend SuperHub®, and we automate the composition of your DevOps stack so your teams don't have to do any of the rote work.

For Operations Teams

Receiving pings for higher MTTR is not fun. We get it. Our engineers have lived through that too. Our platform was created from the bottom up not only to be cloud native but also to be reliable in how we deploy software infrastructure across a multi-cloud architecture. We go further than Chef and Ansible because we let you choose tooling through our easy UI, and set best-pratices with tagging so you don't have to go back and do it. This means your environments can be labeled for correct chargebacks, for triage and for governance. And we place every configuration in a Git repository giving your teams a step ahead in their DevOps automation journey.




Pre-Integrated CI/CD Pipelines

With Agile Stacks, choosing a pre-generated DevOps stack is as easy as a single click. But building your unique DevOps toolchain is also at your fingertips. Choose from dozens of available software from our Services Catalog. The following stack services await you.

Stack Service
Available Implementations

Source Code Repository

Select your code repository tool for code management and version control.
GitHub (hosted), GitLab (private)

Container Image Registry

Choose from software and tools that register, secure and manage the distribution of container images.
AWS ECR, Harbor, GitLab

Continuous Deployment

Put the right tooling in place for continuous delivery and continuous deployment.
Jenkins, Spinnaker

Build Tools

Choose your build automation tool to compile code, and output deployable artifacts.
Gradle, npm, Maven

Code Analysis

Find where code quality meets your standards with the appropriate software quality management tooling.
Sonar, Black Duck

Log Management

Make logging easier by choosing pre-integrated tools for ingest, analysis and reporting.
ElasticSearch, Fluentd, Kibana

Infrastructure Provisioning

Let best-of-breed tooling define and provision your end-point infrastructure.
Docker, Terraform, Helm, Ansible, Ksonnet

Workflow Automation

Handle complex tasks and dependencies with the right workflow software to achieve code velocity.

Automated Testing

Shift left with every stack template you create by choosing the right testing tool for your teams.
Selenium, WireMock, Artillery


Define the tool for optimal cross-team communication.
GitLab, GitHub

Security Scanning

Discover security vulnerabilities with the right tool that looks into source code and container images.


Archive your existing configurations, cluster resources and persistent volumes in case of an accidental loss or a migration project.


Find the right tooling for you to manage certificates, passwords and secrets tuned for RBAC across all hybrid-cloud environments.
Okta, Hashicorp Vault, AWS Certificate Manager

Operating Systems

Select from supported operating systems.
CoreOS Container Linux, Ubuntu 16 LTS


Use the same DevOps toolset in a hybrid cloud environment, across public cloud and private data centers.
AWS, GCP, Azure, your data center