Achieve Software Velocity with Automation Solutions

Trusted by Dev and Ops engineers, the Agile Stacks platform turns software build processes into infrastructure-as-code for immediate reliability and scale. Dev and Ops teams can iterate quickly to launch faster for any use case.



Automated best practices for Kubernetes. Fully automated remote deployments of Kubernetes in data centers and at the edge.

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CI/CD Pipelines

Automatically generate CI/CD pipelines using application templates for Kubernetes. Build and deploy node.js, goLang, Java, containers, serverless, python.

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Machine Learning

Machine Learning

Implement and scale Machine Learning pipelines on Kubernetes. Automatically deploy ML models to the edge.

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Kubernetes On-Prem

Scale your data centers and edge deployments easily with the cloud-native power of Kubernetes.

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Provisioning quality instances shortened our build time

In the AI inference space, we accelerate the intersect of hardware and software. They [Agile Stacks] scaled our testing environments with repeatability and quality so our global teams no longer had to wait.

OnSpecta - Indra Mohan, CEO

Use Cases

Automation Patterns

Organizations tend to rely on multiple clouds and multiple tools from different vendors, which inevitably leads to silos of scripts that reduce overall efficiency. Scripting is the new technical debt of the cloud era.

Michael Delzer, a renowned architect, describes the proper use of automation to mitigate these troubling habits. Read  - Who is Automating the Automation? - to capture thoughts from American Airline's former chief infrastructure architect. Learn how Agile Stacks' DevOps-first approach makes teams more efficient.


DevOps Use Cases

Build your CI/CD toolchain from the best-of-breed choices in our Applications Catalog. Achieve the velocity you come to expect when every CI/CD server and pipeline is built reliably and consistently.

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Machine Learning Use Cases

Merge MLOps and automation as the new paradigm for provisioning one AI training model or hundreds. Our SuperHub® puts at your fingertips the power of DevOps automation for machine learning to lower your costs and wait time. 

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Microservices Automation

Deploy proven stacks to multiple end points, or deploy new software combinations to a single end point. Either way, vendor lock-in is a thing of the past because our control plane lets you choose your distribution paradigm.

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Serverless Use Cases

Give your Dev team's pipelines for increased release velocity of serverless code. Our Application Builder was designed with a DevOps-first approach to accelerate automation and best-in-class practices.

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Edge/IoT Compute Use Cases

Leverage our SuperHub® as the platform for managing thousands of Kubernetes nodes running on edge devices. Our control plane lets you deploy and update applications at the edge.

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