Automating the Automation Means Quicker Value

Customers achieve speed, security and reliability on any cloud powered by our comprehensive SuperHub® Automation Hub running on Kubernetes. Innovation starts with minutes on the clock, not days.


Automation Hub

Orchestrating the entire build and deployment workload so you don't have to.

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Control Plane

Deploy standardized and secure environments with automated templates through a modern UI.

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Service Catalog

Service Catalog

Choose from dozens of open source and commercial software to fit your needs.

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The fastest launch our team has ever made

By adopting Agile Stacks on AWS, our DevOps team has been able to completely automate our software delivery process using an infrastructure-as-code approach. This has allowed us to meet the critical requirements we face in ensuring highly scalable and reliable deployments while continuing to innovate in a fast-paced, agile environment. - Matt Ferguson, Zeeto CTO

Composable Stacks

Selecting from dozens of open source and commercial software from our Service Catalog is effortless. Dev and Ops teams get the power of choice back to run your business the way you want to. And if you don't find the software you need, we offer the extensibility to add your own.


Full Stack Automation

Composing software to deploy consistently and securely across your multi-cloud architecture has never been faster. Our management console allows you to choose your tooling lineup and then let our patented SuperHub® do the hard work of building, integrating and deploying your completed software stack.


Integrated Security

Complete in every template you create are the software version, labels, configuration, security, networking and RBAC - just to name a few. Security teams can simply return to the immutable template file saving hours typically wasted figuring them out all over again.


Auto Updates

Upgrade information for each software in your toolchain is pushed to you. Never again do Ops and Dev engineers need to out of synch on tooling versions. A seamless user experience lets you opt-in for each upgrade which trickles down to every environment you setup.


Multi Kubernetes

Paired with your design patterns, the SuperHub® becomes a competitive advantage turning Ops and Dev engineers into cloud architects overnight. We make it straightforward for them to redirect the destination of Kubernetes clusters to deploy privately, publicly, in the cloud, on bare metal, and at the edge.


Dynamic Code

Every stack configuration saved and deployed is recorded as infrastucture-as-code for you. Dev and Ops engineers receive a lot of value from our best-practices building .yaml scripts, and the holistic automation integrates the proper security.