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Agile Stacks CEO to Deliver Presentations on Kubernetes and DevOps-First Cloud Infrastructure Automation at HPE Discover 2019

Posted by John Morada on Jun 10, 2019 9:04:52 AM

Agile Stacks CEO John Mathon details a DevOps-first approach to highly-scalable infrastructure automation of cloud application stacks and provides insights on Kubernetes for hybrid cloud environments

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Topics: Cloud, DevOps First, DevOps Automation, Infrastructure Automation, Strategic Alliances, HPE

Agile Stacks at DC Startup Week | September 25, 2018

Posted by John Morada on Sep 22, 2018 9:30:28 PM
Not covering risk in a Startup can make or break your company early. In a talk at DC Startup Week, John Morada walks entrepreneurs through risk scenarios using a 4-step risk model.
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Topics: Business Agility, Startup