Agile Stacks and Synadia Partner to Accelerate NATS-Powered, Distributed App Deployments

Posted by John Mathon on Mar 19, 2019 7:05:00 AM
Synadia’s NGS global communications system and Agile Stacks’ DevOps automation service will speed the delivery of NATS-based solutions for exchanging messages across apps, microservices and devices

SAN MATEO, CA – March 19, 2019 –Agile Stacks, Inc. and Synadia Communications, Inc. today announced that they are partnering to speed the development and delivery of distributed applications. Synadia provides NGS, the first decentralized, secure, global messaging utility powered by, which allows digital systems, services and devices to communicate through the exchange of messages. Meanwhile, Agile Stacks offers the all-in-one DevOps automation platform for cloud infrastructure and machine learning (ML), which is reinventing how enterprises implement services and applications to support the agility, scalability and reliability required for today’s digital businesses.

The Synadia NGS global communications system is built on NATS, a new breed of messaging technology for modern, cloud-native architectures, which is open source, lightweight, secure by default, and stable via self-healing technology. Agile Stacks complements Synadia with a platform that enables organizations to deploy full-function Kubernetes, DevOps cloud stacks, and ML tooling using their technologies of choice out of the box within minutes, versus typical deployment times of 6 to 24 months.

Through the partnership, NGS is being offered on the Agile Stacks platform as a solution that is pre-integrated with other popular cloud infrastructure, DevOps, and machine-learning technologies. Once deployed, Agile Stacks customers can leverage NATS with NGS for communications between their applications, microservices, or mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices anywhere in the world using one simple endpoint. As a result, mutual Agile Stacks and Synadia customers can speed their time to market while minimizing the time, costs and resources required to maintain their deployments.

In mid-2019, Synadia will further simplify deployments on Agile Stacks via a new “leaf nodes” feature that allows any existing NATS cluster to connect to NGS transparently. Combined with the NATS Kubernetes operators, the leaf nodes feature, will make it even easier to setup and scale an NGS-connected local NATS cluster in minutes while using the Agile Stacks Kubernetes stack.

“Simplicity and ease are core tenets of NATS, so with our NGS system, we strive to make NATS easy to setup and administer for operators and developers. Those values are shared by Agile Stacks making for a strong partnership,” said Derek Collison, founder and CEO of Synadia and the creator of NATS. “Together, Agile Stacks and Synadia make it simple to set up the infrastructure for driving today’s distributed apps and services—whether they’re in the cloud, on premises, or across mobile and IoT devices.”

“Today’s hyper-connected digital businesses demand an agile approach to enabling communications across their distributed apps and services. And increasingly, they are turning to NATS, which has been downloaded more than 30 million times,” said John Mathon, Agile Stacks CEO. “Through our partnership with Synadia, we can now support these enterprises’ demand for enterprise-grade NATS while enabling them to innovate and adapt rapidly using our Agile Stacks automated agile software delivery service.”

About Synadia

Synadia Communications, Inc. was founded to bring a digital dial-tone to today’s hyper-connected software systems. The company delivers NGS, the first decentralized, secure, global messaging utility powered by the open source to connect all digital systems, services and devices. With NGS, users can combine ease of use with the power to stream up to 80 million messages per second per server within multiple data streams. Lightweight, secure by default, and stable with self-healing technology, NGS provides an enterprise-grade system for enabling communications between applications, microservices, or mobile and Internet of Things (IoT) devices anywhere in the world using one simple endpoint. Synadia is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, and it is backed by True Ventures. To learn more, visit

About Agile Stacks

Agile Stacks is reinventing how enterprises implement clouds with its Agile Stacks all-in-one, non-opinionated GitOps automation service. For the first time, organizations have a DevOps-first architecture out of the box that empowers them to deploy full-function DevOps cloud stacks using their tools of choice within minutes. Incorporating a range of popular, best-of-breed open source products that are pre-tested, integrated and work together from the instant they are deployed, the stacks support the predictable performance, agility, scalability and reliability required for today’s digital businesses. Founded in 2016, Agile Stacks is headquartered in San Mateo, CA, and it is backed by venture capital firm Canaan Partners. For more information, visit Agile Stacks at

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