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Agile Stacks is an AWS Advanced Tier Technology Partner that provides DevOps automation platform for cloud infrastructure.  Agile Stacks SuperHub is designed for dynamically generating DevOps automation for AWS and runs on AWS. Our platform passed the rigors of AWS technical review, enabling us to offer you an optimized solution. 

Our long-standing relationship with AWS creates an amazing synergy in how we deliver the best-in-class stacks to our customers.  Agile Stacks Control Plane is simplifying your efforts to build and maintain technology stacks on AWS, and works with AWS platform services such as EC2, Amazon EKS, RDS, S3, and many others.  The Control Plane preserves consistency across multiple environments with a visual dashboard, role-based access control, stack builder, and application builder. 

Deployment of AWS cloud infrastructure services and open source software is more reliable, more stable, and more secure by the use of automation.  Agile Stacks' SuperHub is the best way to run infrastructure-as-code in your organization.  The SuperHub analyzes your technology stack and dynamically creates the necessary CloudFormation code, thus speeding up deployment and elevating your team's skills. 

Adding to efficiency and productivity, leverage the Agile Stacks catalog of Open Source applications and Kubernetes services through a simplified UI. We continuously deliver, maintain, and update our stacks to make open source deployments easy, reliable, and secure in your AWS environment.  Our catalog provides popular open source applications and stacks: such as Jenkins, GitLab, Kubeflow, Spinnaker, to name a few.

Agile Stacks is redefining cloud-native infrastructure automation and stack composition for enterprises!



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Agile Stacks DevOps automation simplifies the deployment and management of EKS clusters.  And our Control Plane manages multi-cluster operations, SSO, monitoring, autoscaling, networking, spot instance optimization, and CI/CD pipelines.  All stacks are dynamically generated and provided to you as CloudFormation and Terraform templates. Infrastructure stack templates are hosted in Git and can be deployed as a unit, helping to standardize and automate creation of Dev, Test, and Production environments on AWS. Build your composable stacks from a catalog of certified Open Source applications and infrastructure components that you need to run your business. Deploy as Helm charts, Kubernetes operators, or Terraform components.



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AWS customers can subscribe and start using our platform without any delay via AWS Marketplace. Your subscription purchase is simply added to your AWS bill. No challenges having to go through purchase orders. Additionally, you can customize your purchase options via Enterprise plans.  Agile Stacks enable you to design and deploy secure, scalable modern applications and infrastructure that can accommodate your current and future business needs, and accelerate deployment of applications and machine learning pipelines on AWS.

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