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Posted by logiclogiclogic on Apr 1, 2014 3:27:02 PM

What is software development like today?

A complaint I heard from a CIO recently was that when talking to the high flying technologists at his firm he said:  "they talked in strange names, Kafka this, docker that.  Names of open source projects, APIs and languages that make him wonder if these people can program or just piece together technology and names? It's very easy to toss around a lot of names and convince somebody you know what you are talking about, but the real question: If you assume that you can do things like this; Is this the way we should be building software these days? Talk to developers today and a lot are doing something different than what we did just a few years ago.   Today developers may use languages such as Ruby or Scala, PHP or Clojure or combinations of these things in a single project, they may use google APIs and back end as a service APIs, Salesforce APIs and APIs for doing pattern discovery, blob storage.   They may use Storm or Kafka, App Factory, CEP, Stratos, docker, node.js or cassandra or an open source Identity Management.  They may develop on IntelliJ or CodeEnvy in the cloud.   They may build their technology with dependency injection, aspect oriented techniques, test using Chaos Monkey, appium and numerous other web services that in general allow them to have very high productivity.    It is very likely they will complain bitterly if you don't have Git, Maven or Jenkins, Chef or Puppet and numerous other open source tools for them to use that they are familiar with.   It's a new world that has evolved very rapidly.   This cacophony of names is scary for some. I love this diagram that Kinvey came up with some time ago that illustrates some of the complexity of just the APIs for backend as a service in the new paradigm: baas-ecosystem

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Followup: Cloud Security and Adoption

Posted by logiclogiclogic on Mar 19, 2014 5:47:09 AM

businesses say security is concern for cloud adoption

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Selecting a DevOps PaaS Platform

Posted by logiclogiclogic on Dec 6, 2013 3:08:50 PM

PaaS vs traditional development

Selecting a DevOps or PaaS Platform

is the term to describe automation of the process of moving software products from development to production.

This is a key part of creating software agility in an organization and essential to compete in the new enterprise.

There are many ways and products to help you achieve DevOps automation and efficiency.   The term PaaS is somewhat synonymous although there are some who try to relegate DevOps to a lower level and define it as simply tools that automate some aspect of deployment whereas I look at DevOps as a term for describing anything that automates aspects of this process going up to complete automation.  I would find it hard to figure out where to draw the line between the two.  However, both

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Open Source is just getting started, you have to adopt or die

Posted by logiclogiclogic on May 7, 2013 2:49:41 PM


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