Avoiding the Seven Sins of Infrastructure as Code

Replay: Top3 Challenges of Scaling Kubernetes

Controlling your costs on AWS using the power of Agile Stacks

"Deep Survival": Thinking through it with your software infrastructure

As an educator and data scientist, Kubeflow gets your labs started fairly quickly

When to go big with a Kubernetes cluster(?) | Part 1

A Case Study: With Kubernetes, the sum is greater than the parts for Zeeto.io

Buzzword bingo for software automation

Technical humility doesn't win you customers

Don’t Break the Kubernetes Contract!

State of DevOps 2019 Matches Productivity to Heightened Tool Automation and Easy-to-Use Tooling

What Every Computer Science Student Should Know For A Job As A Cloud Engineer

Replay: The Why, What and How Of Infrastructure Cloud Software In Plain English

Replay: Top 6 Content Strategies for your Startup

How to find the perfect partner as a SaaS startup, part 3 of 3

Who is Automating the Automation?

How to find the perfect partner as a SaaS startup, part 2 of 3

Webinar: 3 smart strategies for maximizing the Cloud with DevOps

Creating DevOps teams for the entire app lifecycle

How to find the perfect partner as a SaaS startup, part 1 of 3

Explaining infrastructure automation in plain english

Impromptu dinner, great conversation

Demystifying DevOps, an architects's perspective

Graphical programming naturally fits with infrastructure automation

A case for machine-learning infrastructure automation to keep Higher Ed competitive

Super organized, Kubernetes focused—Thank You, CNCF!

Agile Stacks at TechCrunch Disrupt, and other event marketing

Building DevOps toolchains using machine-generated code

Cloud maturity and the unseen debt

Cloud and DevOps - better together

Simple standards crush complex ones

Amazon Serverless computing or Google Function as a Service (FaaS) vs Microservices and Container Technologies

Join My Docker, Microservices, SOA, API workshop!

How to Scale APIs in the cloud with Security, Reliability and Quality of Service

IOT Success depends on Integration

Google’s goal of IT-less businesses

Containers are becoming the Lingua Franca of the cloud — not a fad

Software Development in Disruption - The New Paradigm of Software

Services, Micro-services, Devices, Apps, APIs what's the difference?

Management of Enterprises with Cloud, Mobile Devices, Personal Cloud, SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, IoT and APIs

"The Cloud" is facing resistance or failing in many organizations

A Simple Guide to Agile Software Development 

Event Driven Architecture - Architectural Examples

Event Driven Architecture - The Basics

IOT : Should you do your Automation for your disparate IOT devices locally or in the cloud, review HUBS

MicroServices - Martin Fowler, Netflix, Componentized Composable Platforms and SOA (Service Oriented Architecture)

Why Open Source has changed from the cheapest software to the best software

7 Reasons to get API Management, 7 Features to look for in API Management and 7 Advanced Features you may need

Platform 3.0 - What does that mean?

I invented Pubsub Here is a presentation on the origin and where it is going presented at WSO2CON

API Centric, APIs taking over, Component as a Service. Reusable components and services.

Is 10,000,000,000,000,000 (= 10^16 ) API calls / month a big deal?

Publish / Subscribe Event Driven Architecture in the age of Cloud, Mobile, Internet of Things(IoT), Social

The Virtuous Circle is key to understanding how the world is changing - Mobile, Social, Cloud, Open Source, APIs, DevOps

9 Use Cases for PaaS - Why and How

The technology "disruption" occurring in today's business world is driven by open source and APIs and a new paradigm of enterprise collaboration

Understanding the taxonomy and complexity of PaaS

The Enterprise Store - App, API, Mobile

Software Development today, Cool APIs, Open Source, Scala, Ruby, Chef, Puppet, IntelliJ, Storm, Kafka

Followup: Cloud Security and Adoption

A simple guide to Cloud Computing, IaaS, PaaS, SaaS, BaaS, DBaaS, iPaaS, IDaaS, APIMaaS

Selecting a DevOps PaaS Platform

API centric - The evolution of reuse and API Management

Open Source is just getting started, you have to adopt or die

The Landscape of PaaS

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