Join My Docker, Microservices, SOA, API workshop!

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Join our Docker, Microservices, SOA, API workshop!
SAN FRANCISCO (USA) - 2PM OCTOBER 13TH 2016Please Register Here:

680 Folsom St, #145 San FranciscoDocker is one of the hottest technologies ever launched. Microservices architecture and Serverless computing are transforming how we build IT infrastructure. Are you thinking of moving in this direction and interested in how to do API Management, Message Bus, and Identity Management in a Microservices Docker stack?

Yenlo serves some of the most innovative enterprises around the world. Yenlo provides state of the art training and extensive knowledge of SOA, Security, DevOps, API Management and doing so in a component container microservices open source architecture.

Let’s make IT part of the business success

Yenlo specializes in Microservices, Mobile-first and API-first design, big data analytics, online store experiences, agile DevOps development and operations, open source strategy, IaaS and Kubernetes, ECS, Docker Swarm and PaaS cloud-based services represent huge opportunities to transform IT from a cost-sink to the forefront of business success.

Why WSO2 and Yenlo?

WSO2 and Yenlo offer a complete set of open source tools for building a connected business. Streamline operations and provide an infrastructure for innovation. Build new applications and systems using WSO2’s fully-integrated middleware platform encompassing all the integration, security, governance, and automation capabilities you need. Bring new fundamental connection capabilities online with WSO2 API Manager, WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus, WSO2 Identity Server. Team up with Yenlo’s experienced consultants to put these systems in place efficiently.

What can you expect of this workshop?

We have consolidated some of the best practices shared by these successful innovative organizations and offer a half day workshop packed with demo’s and use cases.

After this workshop you will understand this emerging vision of IT, and come away with practical steps to transform your own enterprise into a Connected Business and have the opportunity to discuss your specific IT challenges with the experts.


14:00 - John Mathon, IT Inventor, VP Strategy at Yenlo, co-founder of TIBCO, and ex-VP at WSO2
“Exciting times, our world is filled with API’s, IoT and much more. Let’s get disruptive!”

14:45 - Ruben van der Zwan, API/IoT Evangelist, CEO at Yenlo
“Business-cases: Smart Homes with Quby, Optimize milk production with connected cows”

15:15 – Ruben van der Zwan, API/IoT Evangelist, CEO at Yenlo
“Introduction of the WSO2 integration platform, what is it, how does it work”

15:45 – Rajesh Varigati, WSO2 consultant at Yenlo
"Roll-out on AWS, all about Docker and Kubernetes”
“Use case to demonstrate WSO2 APIM, Enterprise Service Bus and Identity Server”

16:45 – Erik Assink, Managing Director Yenlo North America
“Next steps: let’s get into business”

17:15 – Cocktails & Finger Food
“Join us for cocktails and appetizers"


Ruben van der Zwan
Founder & CEO, Yenlo
John Mathon
Vice President Strategy, Yenlo
Erik Assink
Managing Director North America, Yenlo

Target Audience

Everybody is more then welcome, to give you an idea of audience which visited our workshops in the past:

- Enterprise Architects;
- IT managers;
- Java (lead) Developers;
- SOA experts.


This workshop is free of charge and is offered to you by Yenlo, the Premier Partner of WSO2. Travel and stay are at your own expense.


Seattle, exact location details will be provided asap.
San Francisco, exact location details will be provided asap.





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