Webinar: 3 smart strategies for maximizing the Cloud with DevOps

Posted by Igor Mameshin on Jun 6, 2019 8:37:28 PM

Join Agile Stacks and Stratus10 for a discussion of successful DevOps strategies to positively impact the entire software development lifecycle. Having a fully optimized DevOps approach helps engineering leaders and their organizations get the most out of the Cloud.

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Topics: Cloud, Cloud Computing, DevOps First, Partners, DevOps Automation, Infrastructure Automation

Creating DevOps teams for the entire app lifecycle

Posted by Michael Delzer on May 31, 2019 1:18:33 PM

DevOps teams need to work together to handle the entirety of an application’s lifecycle, so creating teams that understand everything from security to networking to operations is crucial to success. In real life, finding people who already have all the knowledge necessary to fit in to a DevOps team is challenging.

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Topics: Cloud, CTO, DevOps First, DevOps Automation

How to find the perfect partner as a SaaS startup, part 1 of 3

Posted by John Morada on May 25, 2019 10:56:42 PM

This is my first in a three-part series to express my top nine questions used to evaluate the appropriate partnership that Agile Stacks looks to have with other cool companies and startups in infrastructure automation, machine learning, and/or DevOps. The ecosystem is growing so fast that there simply is not enough time nor bandwidth to consider every latest, well-funded software startup in our space. Let's be honest, we make some good choices and we make a few bad ones (hopefully, more good than bad). Using these questions get me through the tough topics that eventually I will need to answer anyway.

For young SaaS companies looking to develop a product and get it to the market as quickly as possible, without neglecting the need to build a sustainable business, finding the right technology partners is high-stakes. The process can seem overwhelming—a little like dating.

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Topics: Partners, Infrastructure Automation, Business Development, Strategic Alliances

Explaining infrastructure automation in plain english

Posted by Michael Delzer on Apr 25, 2019 1:27:35 PM

When software developers write about their work, it’s often so laced with jargon that other stakeholders in the business can’t understand what the piece is about or how it relates to business goals. There are two components of this problem. One is technical terms, which can be hard to get around and sometimes do require a certain level of technical understanding to grasp. The other, completely avoidable source of confusion, though, is buzz words. So let’s start by defining common ones you hear all too often.

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Topics: Cloud, CTO, DevOps First, DevOps Automation

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