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Our team is adding better automation features every day to curate and deploy composable stacks faster and simpler than ever before. Why? So you don't have to.



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Our Customer Commitment

For the past five years, moving to the cloud has become confusing and difficult. We strive for every customer project with us that we get them there faster, and with better quality.

Agile Stacks - John Mathon, CEO and Co-Founder

The Start

When John Mathon met Igor Mameshin at a technology conference in 2015, neither assumed a chance conversation would turn into a startup. Yet their like-minded approach to doing things better gave rise to an idea that eventually began Agile Stacks.

As inventor of the publish-subscribe pattern, John remains true to the premise of reducing the complexity of systems by abstracting the brittleness of coded point-to-point integrations. And as head of Accenture's Innovation Center team, Igor saw the challenges of many enterprise clients wanting but never reaching the right, scalable architecture. Pairing their experience to create Agile Stacks, they formalized the company in 2017 with the filing of their first patent. The idea was simply to help our fellow Dev and Ops teams eliminate compute waste and technical debt with a solution that could scale to their hybrid cloud needs, and do it faster and simpler than ever before.

John (right) and Igor (left) in the photo continue their pursuit of achieving greater efficiency and passing that value to customers.

Agile Stacks is headquartered in San Mateo, CA, and it is backed by Rosecliff Ventures, Hewlett Packard Enterprise Company, Canaan Partners, and Alumni Ventures Group.