Agile Stacks is a path to reduction in cost, time to market, lower risk, and better security for anyone doing work in the cloud.  Select your preferred tools, define your stack, and generate CI/CD pipeline using application starter kit. 

Ready to Deploy

It takes less than 20 minutes to deploy a new stack based on Docker, Kubernetes, Git, Jenkins, Spinnaker, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB, Prometheus, Sysdig, and many AWS services such as RDS, EFS, DynamoDB, Lambda.

Automate deployment of standardized Dev, Test, Stage, and Production environments. Manage environments using infrastructure as code approach.

CI/CD Pipeline Generator

Select your preferred tools, define your application template, and get Jenkins and Spinnaker pipelines up and running in minutes. 

Cloud Automation Hub creates stack templates and automatically schedules execution of scripts written in infrastructure as code tools such as Amazon CloudFormation and Hashicorp Terraform, significantly reducing the need for any manual operations.

Built-In Cloud Governance and Security

Agile Stacks cloud automation templates provide reliable and repeatable deployment of technology, with automatic upgrades, security patches, vulnerability scanning, backups, log management, continuous monitoring, single sign on, data encryption, access management, audit trail, etc.

Pre-configured and pre-tested stack configurations simplify your security audit and compliance efforts.


Cost Saver

Reduce costs by eliminating manual operations. Save money by using our cloud cost analytics dashboards. Maximize your cloud benefits based on spot instance pricing, autoscaling, and container based deployments.

Reference Architecture Templates

You can deploy one of our stack automation templates as is, or you can customize stack templates to define your own architecture.  Plug and play support for monitoring, logging, analytics, and testing tools.

DevOps Automation Tools

DevOps stack provides a powerful set of tools for continuous integration, testing, and delivery of applications. Implement CI/CD pipeline, deploy incremental enhancements more rapidly, to provide customer value and for faster response to market opportunities.