Agility Through Automation

Agile Stacks provides DevOps automation for building and managing software in your hybrid cloud environments.

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Our tutorials help you to learn Kubernetes and Infrastructure as Code.

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Benefits of Agile Stacks


Composable Stacks

Provision what you want, when you need it from our unopinionated Service Catalog.


Full Stack Automation

Let our SuperHub® Automation Hub compose, deploy and update the software stacks tailored to your needs.


Integrated Security

Embed security natively with every stack you build even as you scale with Kubernetes.


Auto Updates

Experience automatic notification of updates to every toolchain component then opt-in to use it.


Multi Kubernetes

Deploy Kubernetes to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, OpenShift, Edge, VMware, or bare metal.


Infrastructure as Code Library

Access a library of reusable and well-architected Infrastructure as Code templates.

Accelerating Enterprise Continuous Deployment

Anything that integrates and automates the many disparate components, frameworks, infrastructure and other technology used for today’s enterprise DevOps and machine learning deployments tends to win adoption in the market. Instead of reinventing the wheel, Agile Stacks is adding to the performance of the wheel, or in its case popular infrastructure automation tools...

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